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About US

Our Mission

To create a community for women of all ages to help

support the mental and physical daily struggles and

inspire self love and care...

Our Cycle box and support community will help

alleviate some of life's daily challenges.

Our Story

In my early years I experienced growing up with a single parent working 3 jobs to keep a roof over head and food on the table. I remember waking up and going to school, coming home, making dinner and watching tv without a parent present. Moving into my tween and teenage years, getting a step parent, with 2 hard working parents and not having anyone present to teach you the basics of becoming a woman. Learning above love on your own and going through pain and heartbreak. Then moving into the work world and learning how to deal with men overpowering women in the workspace. And always remembering the feeling of being alone…

To the women who didn’t have present parents, 1 parent, or were on their own. The women that got bullied in school. To the women that wish they had a sibling to guide them. That best friend you see on TV that you wish you had. To the women that looked for love on the outside instead of loving ourselves on the inside. To the women that has been put down by a male. To the women that have had their heart broken. To the women who have been abused. 


CYCLE IS AN ONLINE COMMUNITY that supports the struggles we go through as women. Cycle is your parent, your sister, your mentor, your friend that we never had. Remember, you are not alone!

We as women experience a monthly cycle where it is a time to take care of our bodies and minds. When the time of the month roles around we start feeling achy, sleepy or even cranky. CYCLE SHOWS UP AT YOUR DOOR STEP EVERY MONTH WITH YOUR FAVORITE TAMPONS, PADS, MEDICATION, CHOCOLATE, CHEWIES, CHIPS AND COOKIES. Customize your personal box of your favorites and receive it at your door step right before your monthly cycle.

Welcome to Cycle!

Women support community with self love and care!

Spela Sluga

Founder & CEO